1. Service provider
Title: Fenomen Travel Agency Education Air Sports Tourism Textile Import Export San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.
(Hereinafter referred to as “Service Provider“)
Tursab Name and Document No: Cloudbase Travel Agency – 12435
Address : Ölüdeniz Mahallesi 227 (old) Sk. No:2/7 Fethiye / Mugla
Contact information: +90 252 617 01 68
Email : info@cloudbasetravel.wpcomstaging.com

2.1. The type and type, duration and sales price of the product/service purchased by the participant are in the form of data on the website. Prices are tax included. The prices and commitments announced on the Service Provider website are valid until they are updated and changed. Prices and commitments announced for a period of time are valid until the end of the specified period.

2.2. No installment sales are made by the Service Provider. However, in purchases made with bank credit cards, installments are provided to the participant at the sole discretion of the relevant bank, and the Service Provider is not responsible for these installments and related transactions.


Participants can make their complaints and objections arising from this sale, within the monetary limits determined by the Ministry in December every year, to the Arbitration Committee for Consumer Problems or the Consumer Court in the place where the participant purchased the goods or services or where he or she resides.


4.1. For underage children who do not travel with their parents, are accompanied by a single parent and/or do not have the same surname as their parents, it is obligatory to have a notarized consent letter given by their official guardian/parent. Detailed information about visa, passport, age and health is included in our contract.

4.2. Before participating in the tour and accepting the Preliminary Information and Sales Conditions, the participants are required to report their health problems, pregnancy status, obtain information and purchase the tour accordingly, not to buy tours that are not suitable for their age and health status, and to keep the reports on the drugs they use constantly if they join the tour.

Cancellation – Refund Policy

  1. 1.1. You have the unconditional right to cancel the services offered by CLOUDBASE TRAVEL, up to 30 days before the customer’s reservation date. However, if the performance of the service has not started, this right of withdrawal can be exercised. However, this right of withdrawal;
    1. If it is used more than 72 hours before the event time, the full price will be refunded.
    2. If the right of withdrawal is used less than 48 hours before the event, a penalty of thirty-five percent (35%) of the fee is charged and the remaining fee is returned to the BUYER.
    3. If the right of withdrawal is used 12 hours or less before the activity time, or at the time of the training / activity / event or after it has started, no refund will be made under any circumstances and the Fee will be accrued on behalf of CLOUDBASE TRAVEL whether the BUYER attends this event or not.

    1.2. The only way for the BUYER to get a full refund after the signing of the contract is to cancel the service by notifying CLOUDBASE TRAVEL by telephone or e-mail indicated below, 72 hours before the reservation date at the latest, provided that the service has never been started or used. In this case, CLOUDBASE TRAVEL is obliged to return the total price within 10 days at the latest from the receipt of the withdrawal notification.

    1.3. The right of withdrawal period begins on the date of approval of the sales contract. In order to use the Right of Withdrawal, the PERFORMANCE OF THE SERVICE MUST NEVER BE STARTED. If the performance of the service has begun; For example, if the BUYER has received service once or more within the scope of the service package received, in this case the right of withdrawal cannot be used. In this case, no refund will be made in any way. By accepting this contract, the BUYER accepts in advance that he has been informed about the right of withdrawal.

    1.4. If the service invoice reaches him, the BUYER is obliged to immediately send it to CLOUDBASE TRAVEL by writing the phrase “return invoice” on the INVOICE regarding the reason for exercising its right of withdrawal. CLOUDBASE TRAVEL will refund the price paid by the BUYER in the same way as the vehicle used during the payment. CLOUDBASE TRAVEL is not responsible for delays and payment methods caused by the bank.

    1.5. If the performance of the service has been started and within this period, due to reasons arising from the BUYER, such as not using the service, not having the necessary equipment, accessories, clothes to receive the service, not complying with the necessary health or age procedures suitable for the service subject, or similar reasons such as change in weather conditions, It cannot be considered within the scope of the right of withdrawal, no refund can be requested for these reasons, CLOUDBASE TRAVEL does not accept responsibility in this case or in other situations that may occur.

    Cancellation or Postponement Due to Other Conditions

    1. If your flight does not take place on your available day in Fethiye due to weather conditions, your flight will take place on the most likely day when the weather is available. If you can’t fly on this day either. All payments you have made (100%) will be returned to you.
    2. In the event of equipment malfunction, CLOUDBASE TRAVEL or the responsible person has 24 hours. It solves or compensates for the problem in this slice. In this context, no refunds are made.
    3. CLOUDBASE TRAVEL does not accept any responsibility and does not make any refunds in case of any unfavorable situation among the tour participants.
    4. In case of any dissatisfaction, please contact the CLOUDBASE TRAVEL office after the tour.
    5. Guest’s Responsibility: In case of any request, the guest should first contact CLOUDBASE TRAVEL.

CLOUD BASE TRAVEL reserves the right to make changes to the specified Cancellation-Refund conditions within the legal limits.

Cancellation & Refund Cont

E-Mail: info@cloudbasetravel.wpcomstaging.com

Phone:+90 252 617 01 68

Address: Ölüdeniz Mahallesi 227 (old) Sk. No:2/7 Fethiye / Muğla +90 252 617 01 68 Address: Ölüdeniz Mahallesi 227 (old) Sk. No:2/7 Fethiye / Mugla