The service fee is $100. You can make your reservation right now with 10% Advance Payment; You can fly safely and with pleasure by paying the remaining amount of the fee ($90) before the service when you come to our office.

Reservation Fee: 

$11,83 2 hours

Number of Persons:

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Tandem Paragliding - Oludeniz / Babadag

Adventure lovers who want to have the opportunity to see the unique view of Ölüdeniz from the sky with pleasure, safety and excitement; an unforgettable experience is waiting for you in Ölüdeniz / Fethiye, the best and popular spot where you can meet paragliding sports with tandem paragliding flight accompanied by our expert pilot staff.

Our pilots;

  • Have International Aviation Federation (FAI) and THK Commercial Tandem Pilot (T2) certificates,
  • Minimum 5 years tandem flight experience,
  • and also they are experienced pilots who are leading expert and trained in the infrastructure of Fenomen Air Sports Flying School.
  • All equipment used in the flight is regularly tested and used by the Turkey Distributorship and the international maintenance & repair authorized organization.
  • All of our pilots have personal accident, financial liability and third party insurance.

Tandem paragliding flight organization is an activity that takes a total of 2 hours. The meeting point before the flight is our Cloudbase Travel office located on the coast of Ölüdeniz / Belcekız. The meeting point is also the area where our landing will take place.

Our preparations are completed by welcoming you 15 minutes before the flight booking time. For our guests staying in the Fethiye region, our shuttle service from the hotel / villa / campsite is provided before and after the flight. These requests are received at the time of booking.

IMPORTANT: Heart disease, blood pressure disorder, epilepsy, panic attack or discomfort that can be evaluated according to the doctor’s advice should be reported before the flight. All measures for a peaceful and safe flight will be taken according to this information.

Activity Limits

  • Age: 4 years and above
  • Kilograms: Min 15 kg / Max. 100 kg

What You Need To Bring For Flight

  • Sneakers
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Long Sleeve Sweat Shirt
  • Water (0.5lt)

Those-Included in the Basic Price

  • Transfer
  • National Park Entry
  • Flight Insurance
  • Guidance
  • Flight Equipment

Those Not Included in the Basic Price

  • Video-Photo Shoots
  • Flying Experience with Female Pilot
  • Personal Expenditures

1- Transportation to the Flight Zone

With our shuttle vehicles, all of which are equipped with Covid-19 measures, a 30-minute journey is made to the flight point Babadağ. Babadağ has many paragliding take off points preferred according to meteorological conditions. Flights mostly take place on 1,700 and 1,900 meters runways. It offers safe and suitable conditions on the tracks at 1,200 and 1,800 meters for variable conditions.

2- Preparation for Flight

The most suitable pilot according to your physical characteristics (height/weight) will accompany your flight. After this match, our pilots will brief our guests individually and explain the necessary instructions to make you feel more comfortable on take off, flight and landing.

3- Take off Flight Landing

Takeoff takes place with a few steps between walking and running, such as taking a quick step from a few stairs. Immediately after takeoff, your pilot puts you in a seating position where you feel comfortable, and the excitement turns into pleasure. The flight takes 25-30 minutes depending on the weather conditions. Your flight is offered to your preference with a calm glide, dynamic maneuvers and exciting or breathtaking acrobatics maneuvers.

Your pilot offers you flight planning according to your request. It is also your choice to be able to enjoy the sky during group and partner attendance in a physical proximity that you can talk during during flight. Your pilot will be as close and ready as a smile to make you feel happy, safe and comfortable during the flight. Landing is even easier than taking off; with your pilot’s instructions, your flight is completed with a soft touch and a few steps.

4- Safety

Tandem paragliding flight is provided with Fenomen Air Sports infrastructure, Turkey’s largest flight school. All of our pilots have International Aviation Federation (FAI) Commercial Tandem Pilot – T2 certificates.

All equipment used is regularly subjected to airworthiness checks in our maintenance-repair center, which provides our own World test standards. During the event, our guests are covered by fully equipped travel and activity insurance covering transportation and flight. 

If you have more questions, reach us now!


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