Fethiye Paragliding: Unforgettable Adventure in Oludeniz

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A Journey Towards The Sky With Fethiye Paragliding

Paragliding is the act of gliding using air currents after rising to a certain height from the ground. However, when you experience this experience with paragliding in Fethiye Ölüdeniz, everything becomes more special. Paragliding experience in Fethiye is a two-person commercial flight with a professional pilot and usually an inexperienced passenger. These flights, where you connect to the instructor pilot, are called tandem paragliding and are a great opportunity to satisfy your passion for the sky.


CloudBase Travel for Fethiye Paragliding Experience

With CloudBase Travel, you can make your appointment and plan your flight immediately to experience Fethiye paragliding. That’s all it takes to have this experience!


Fethiye Paragliding: Who is Eligible?

Certain physical competencies are required to be able to paraglide in Fethiye. You must be 4 years old and over, weighing a minimum of 15 kg and a maximum of 105 kg. People with certain health problems such as heart disease, blood pressure disorder, epilepsy, panic attacks are not recommended to do this sport.


Fethiye Paragliding: Equipment and Safety

CloudBase Travel makes your Fethiye paragliding experience easy. All necessary equipment is provided by us. CloudBase Travel, which is very meticulous about security, consists of experts with at least 5 years of tandem flight experience, whose pilots have International Aviation Federation (FAI) and THK Commercial Tandem Pilot (T2) certificates. Before each flight, security measures are checked in detail and all our equipment is subject to periodic maintenance and controls.

Fethiye paragliding activities are offered with the infrastructure of Turkey’s largest flight school, Fenomen Air Sports. All our pilots have the International Aviation Federation (FAI) Commercial Tandem Pilot – T2 certificate. All equipment used is regularly subjected to airworthiness checks in our own maintenance-repair center, which meets the world test standards. During the event, our guests are covered by fully equipped travel and activity insurance covering transportation and flight.


Tandem Paragliding Experience in Fethiye

Even someone who has no flight experience before can experience tandem paragliding in Fethiye with our expert pilots. However, if you want to perform paragliding alone, you must first get paragliding flight training and have a license.


Fethiye Paragliding: Flight Time and Conditions

Paragliding flight time in Fethiye varies depending on the weather conditions and the demands of the passenger during the flight. However, you can usually expect between 25-40 minutes on standard flights. With Cloudbase Travel’s Long Tandem Paragliding experience, you can keep your flight in Fethiye Oludeniz and enjoy the perfect view longer and participate in extraordinary activities such as Microlight Flight!


What are Paragliding Flight Prices and What is Included?

You can reach our most up-to-date prices and detailed information for Standard Paragliding Flights and Long Tandem Flights on the online reservation pages by clicking on them! While you get an uninterrupted and complete experience with all the main factors included in the prices, Babadag transfer, national park entrance, flight insurance, guidance and flight equipment, you can get great visual memories by adding a video and photo shoot plan with professional action cameras to your flight.


Fethiye Paragliding: Transportation Information

It is very easy to reach Fethiye Oludeniz. Fethiye Oludeniz, which is 810 km from Istanbul, 630 km from Ankara and 347 km from Izmir, can be easily reached by your private car, by air or by bus services.

You can reach Fethiye with a private vehicle, which takes about 11 hours from Istanbul, about 9 hours from Ankara, and about 5 hours from Izmir, via highways. In addition, you can reach the surrounding cities such as Antalya, Muğla and Marmaris in 2-3 hours on average by private car.

For those who prefer to reach by air, you can land at Dalaman Airport, 55 kilometers from Oludeniz, with flights from Ankara and Istanbul. You can rent a car from here or you can reach Fethiye Bus Station by Havaş or Muttaş buses, and you can transfer to Oludeniz minibus from here.

In addition to these, you can reach Fethiye by intercity bus services organized from many cities of Turkey. There are regular minibus services from Fethiye Bus Terminal to Oludeniz. This journey is approximately 14 kilometers and takes an average of 30 minutes.


Paradise Corners of Oludeniz: The Unique Place of Fethiye Paragliding Experience

Oludeniz is considered one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Turkey and Fethiye is a unique place for a paragliding experience. This blue flag beach is a paradise with its turquoise color, crystal clear waters and golden yellow sand. Oludeniz attracts the attention of nature lovers from all over the world, especially by hosting the paragliding departure point Babadag and Butterfly Valley. In addition, the magnificent view of Babadag, which is famous for its height reaching 1,969 meters, makes your paragliding experience unforgettable.

Thanks to these extraordinary beauties and natural riches, Oludeniz, Fethiye can transform your paragliding experience from an extreme activity to the adventure of your life. With Fethiye paragliding, you can have the opportunity to see the breathtaking view of Oludeniz from a bird’s eye view.


Fethiye Paragliding: An Unforgettable Adventure

Fethiye paragliding experience is a unique adventure that everyone should experience at least once. With the unique view of Oludeniz, the feeling of floating in the sky offers an unforgettable experience. Learn more about Fethiye Paragliding or make your online appointment now to experience this unique flight activity in Fethiye!

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