Fethiye Paragliding - Oludeniz / Babadag

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In Fethiye Ölüdeniz, which is the best and popular spot where you can meet paragliding, an unforgettable experience awaits you, starting from Babadağ, accompanied by our expert pilot staff.

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Fethiye Paragliding flight organization is an activity that takes 2 hours in total. The meeting point before the flight is our Cloudbase Travel office located on Ölüdeniz / Belcekız beach. Our meeting point is also the area where our landing will take place.

Our preparations are completed by welcoming you 15 minutes before the flight reservation time. For our guests staying in the Fethiye region, our shuttle service from the hotel / villa / camping areas is provided before and after the flight. These requests are taken at the time of booking.


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Fethiye Paragliding: How to do Tandem Paragliding in Ölüdeniz?

Quick Look at the Location: Oludeniz, Babadag

Oludeniz is a location preferred by all world pilots for paragliding. Tandem paragliding starts from Babadag and there are 5 different take-off points as 1200 m, 1700 m, 1800 m, 1960 m north and south take-off runways in the region, which has a unique nature view where pilots who start paragliding dream of flying.

tandem yamaç paraşütü

Why Choose Cloudbase Travel?

If you want to add an unforgettable activity full of fun and adrenaline to your holiday in the magnificent sea and nature view, you should definitely experience tandem paragliding.

There are many companies that you can prefer in Oludeniz to experience this unique experience; The differences in the price policies applied by the companies may confuse you a little about which one you prefer. The most important thing to consider when making your choice is the experience of the company and the pilots who will give you a flying experience in tandem paragliding.

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How is the maintenance of the equipment ensured?

In addition, another point you should pay attention to is that all the equipment to be used in the flight are periodically maintained and checked by expert maintenance centers.

As Cloudbase Travel Agency, our company was established by expert trainers who have trained thousands of paragliding athletes within the body of Fenomen Air Sports Paragliding Flight School, which has 20 years of aviation experience; It has a maintenance-repair and test center in European standards.

How Should I Prepare Before Paragliding?

All you need to do to enjoy the flight with Fethiye tandem paragliding is to create an online reservation. Afterwards, our operation unit will contact you; will make the necessary plans for the most enjoyable and unforgettable adventure of your holiday. The only preparation you have to do is to put on your sunglasses and come to the flight wearing sports shoes.

How to reach Babadag?

On the day of the flight, we will pick you up from your hotel in Fethiye with our shuttle vehicles; Together with our pilots, we take you to the Babadağ take-off runway, where you will see the magnificent view of Ölüdeniz and where your flight will take place, with a journey that will take approximately 35-40 minutes. After our pilots give you a brief briefing on the take-off line, you will complete your preparations and be ready to soar in the sky like birds. At takeoff, all you have to do is run a few steps; then you are in the sky now!

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Fethiye Paragliding: How Long Is the Flight?

Paragliding flight time in Fethiye varies depending on the weather conditions and the demands of the passenger during the flight. However, you can usually expect between 25-40 minutes on standard flights. With Cloudbase Travel’s Long Tandem Paragliding experience, you can keep your flight in Fethiye Oludeniz and enjoy the perfect view longer and participate in extraordinary activities such as Microlight Flight!

Is There Photo and Video Shooting During Paragliding?

If you request, our experienced tandem pilots will immortalize these indescribable and magnificent moments for you with 360 ᵒ cameras and video recordings during the flight. A standard flight takes about 30-40 minutes on average; If you wish, you can extend your flight time up to 1 hour with the thermal flight, which we serve only on the 13:00 flight at noon when the heating is highest, and you can turn your flight altitude above the departure line into a much more enjoyable and longer flight experience.


If you want to turn paragliding into an individual hobby or your business after this enjoyable experience with our pilots who are experts in their field in tandem flight, you can also talk about the training schedule of Fenomen Air Sports, which is our other field of activity, Turkey’s largest paragliding flight school. You can get detailed information.

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